The push for psychedelic medicine is surging across North America and around the world. Scientific evidence supports the life-changing impact this safe and natural alternative has in treating mental illness of all types. New research from a number of organizations, including Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and Imperial College in London, which revealed that patients with depressive disorders had a clinically significant positive response to psilocybin-assisted therapy may represent a therapeutic breakthrough in treating multiple neurological disorders. As research expands, so does support for the revolutionary treatment, which has actually been around for centuries. As seen before, anecdotal opinions often trigger scientific research which then, with validation, drives growth in the industry as well investor interest. That’s exactly what’s occurring in the psychedelic therapeutics space, major upticks in both new companies entering the space as well as investors excited about the possibilities. Potential stakeholders in this game-changing new market are looking for companies that can weather the complex and expensive process of running clinical trials and bringing a drug to market. A leader in psychedelic therapeutic research and drug development, Cybin Inc. (NEO: CYBN) (OTCQB: CLXPF) (Profile) has a strong clinical pipeline with phase 2 trials underway, holds ten provisional patents, and boasts a proven leadership and a time-tested tradition. Other companies vying for position in the psychedelics medicine space include COMPASS Pathways Plc (NASDAQ: CMPS)Mind Medicine Inc (OTCQB: MMEDF) (NEO: MMED)Numinus Wellness Inc. (OTC: LKYSF) (NEO: NUMI) (TSX.V: NUMI) and Field Trip Health Ltd. (OTCQX: FTRPF) (CSE: FTRP). Each of these companies is focused on providing better treatments for the millions suffering from mental health issues.

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