The concept of “big data” has been around for decades but only took on its current form in the 21st century with computers running 24/7/365 processing mounds of user data to better understand and predict trends. However, consumers have grown tired of their harvested data exploitation, and winds of change are blowing in new modalities that cater to security and privacy. Nothing is more representative of the ongoing shift than Apple’s recent operating system changes that feature one of the world’s few welcomed pop-ups: one that asks if it’s okay to track your activity. Welcome to the age of “small and wide” data. Companies are already looking to next-generation technology to meet this new demand, including that of Streamlytics (Profile), which doesn’t use cookies or tracking in its human-led data. The mix of consumer and regulatory blowback has all the majors, including Palantir Technologies Inc. Class A (NYSE: PLTR)Snowflake Inc. Class A (NYSE: SNOW)Oracle Corporation (NYSE: ORCL) Inc (NYSE: CRM) and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) dedicated to advanced functionality to meet or surpass obligations for privacy, governance and compliance associated with collecting and using personal information.

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